Welcome to the Pa Peony store.  

We are pleased to introduce you to our new and stunning brand. 

We have used our vast experience in the field of children's fashion and the knowledge we have accumulated over 10 years from mothers and children, to offer you something new, alternative and trendy.

So what exactly is the Pa Peony brand:

Naturalness - All details are made of natural fabrics or a combination of them. Combining cotton and linen fabrics - this is what characterizes our brand. The color palette also speaks the same language. 

Freedom - Our cuts are often wide and oversized, nothing should interfere with children discovering the world. We also thought about the issue of labels that often scratch and rub the delicate skin of our children, so in our clothes there are no labels sewn on the sides of the garment. All the important information can be found on the website and on the label related to the garment. 

Tolerance - Most of the details of the collection are unisex (suitable for both boys and girls). We have noticed in the last few years that many mothers no longer wanted to follow the general opinion (that a girl wears pink and the son wears blue) and started mixing the collections. This is how the interview of the Unisk collection was born.

Inferior - we are sure that not only T-shirt can be comfortable. Our clothes will be relevant for any reason. They are comfortable and do not interfere with the free movement of children. 

Quality - The issue of quality is first and foremost! For us first of all it is quality fabrics that touch the delicate skin of our children, the fabrics are breathable, flexible and preserved even after all the washes that the clothes go through.  

We work and follow the best manufacturers in China to bring you the best and highest quality collections.

So nice to meet you!

Thank you for choosing us and have a nice shopping!